Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting for the Adventures to Begin...

Welcome to my study abroad blog! I'm glad you have stumbled upon this gem, I hope to be publishing some exciting stories of my adventures as I explore Spain in less than a week. As a student of UMW, I am joining 31 other students to celebrate the 10th year of UMW in Spain starting June 24th. We will be touring Madrid and making the Bilbao campus of University of Deusto our home. This university is currently over 125 years old! It will be interesting to witness the cultural differences.

As a student, I have chosen to enroll in the summer Business program and am going to be taking an international business course and a Spanish literature course. Among the topics I am interested in as a child of the 21st century, international business appeals to me the most. I am a Business major and a Business Spanish minor but International Affairs was second on my list to major in. I look forward to studying the "business" of business on an international front. I am equally ready to study SPAIN! It will be a good way to improve my Spanish both for practical reasons in the country and for the classroom in Virginia.

I am excited to utilize my blog to its fullest; not only will it be a running narration of my adventures in Spain, but it will also be something I can look back on fondly in days, months, years to come and remember my study abroad experience.

So I hope you stay tuned because there will be some adventures to come in the next weeks!

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